St Luke's Annual Reports


We hope to hold our APCM after Summer but we thought you might like to read the annual reports for 2019-20 before then. Each week a different report will be available. Please note, these reports were written before the Coronavirus crisis caused our Churches and other public buidlings to be closed and Father Peter's move to Worcester to be postponed.


The past year has been one of change as well as continuity. We have lost a few greatly loved members of our congregation and some of the young families in the congregation have left us for pastures new - all are missed but we have welcomed new families who have come to join us at St Luke’s.

We would like to express our thanks to the many people who contribute to the life of St Luke’s. Firstly, we are hugely indebted to Our Vicar, Peter, who guides us with kindness and good humour and we will greatly miss him when he leaves St Luke’s after Easter.  Guinevere Duff is the cornerstone of the Parish Office and possesses the “memory bank” of St Luke’s on which the Wardens confidently and frequently rely.  
Our Deputy Wardens continue to give us great support with Paula Brackenridge developing our online communications and Frankie Pinner is of invaluable help behind the scenes in very many ways.  
Readers, Michael Tonkin and Richard Austen, have supported our Vicar Peter, both in our worship and the important work of pastoral care.
Our Treasurer, Judi Braddock continues to be very diligent in keeping our Finances in good order and has been streamlining the accounts systems to enhance their efficiency.
Our Junior Church Leaders, Lynne Huby and Alison Samwell, enthuse our young church members with imaginative ways of portraying bible stories.  They have been supported by other parents whose assistance is much appreciated.
The Social Committee Team, Laura Coughtrie, Liz Tippett, Judi Braddock, Tracey Baker, Alex Macfadyen and their willing helpers, continue to excel in organising and catering for events to raise funds for St Luke’s and local and national charities. 
Our Director of Music, Mary Noyes, provides inspiration and leadership in equal measure and we are very fortunate to have regular organists, Judith Colliver, Iain Phillips and, on occasion Alban Clarke, whose playing is admired by all.
The Welcoming/Sides Team and our enthusiastic group of Servers conscientiously carry out a wide variety of duties which are vital to their smooth running.
We are grateful to Nicola Patel and the Kew Community Trust for their continual co-operation, help and support. 

There are many ways in which people can become involved and we would encourage all who can give of their time to get involved in the life of St Luke’s.

In the past year we have been continuing with our Mission Action Plan focussing on welcoming people to church. A special invitation service was held in June and we had a lovely summer BBQ in July which brought the whole congregation together. 

We have also been busy with work to maintain and improve the church building.   A new dehumidifier has been installed to preserve the sound of the organ and the outside notice boards had been renewed in conjunction with the KCT.  A focus for the year ahead is working with the KCT to assess the condition of the church roof which is in need of considerable repairs.
The coming months will also bring the challenge of finding and appointing a new Vicar. Peter will be very difficult to replace but he has instilled strong bonds of mutual affection and support in our congregation and leaves us in a good position to embrace all that the future holds.

Jayne Armstrong and Irene Stephens