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Your Wedding at St Luke's

Congratul​ations! You have decided to get married, and want the ceremony to take place in church.


Can we get married in this church?


Marriage in the Church of England is governedby the parish system, so where you live is important.  One of you needs to be resident in the parish where you intend to be married, but if neither of you live that parish, you will hav to join the Electoral Roll, which would gie you the right of marriage in that church.  This wil entail regular attendance for at least 6 months prior to joining the Electorl Roll.


What if I have been divorced? ​


Re-marriage in church after divorce is at the discretion of the parish priest.  A preliminary interview will be necessary before any further arrangements can be made, and the marriage can only take place after the publishing of Banns.  Neither the Diocese nor the Archbishop of Canterbury will issue Special Licences to divorcees whose former partner is still living.


Is the church available?


Check dates and times with the Vicar before you book anything.  Certain days and seasons will have will have an influence on your arrangements: for example during the seasons of Advent and Lent we have no flowers in church, and no weddings take place on Holy Saturday.  Once a date and time have been agreed, complete a form at the parish office and then your wedding is booked. 

What else do we have to do?

  • You will need to consider music, hymns and how you want to decorate the church.  This is best talked through with the Vicar.

  • Banns certificates are only valid for 3 months, so your Banns will have to be called on 3 consecutive Sundays close to your wedding day.

  • A rehearsal will be held a few days before your wedding, to put the final arrangements in place.

  • Most of all, attend church regularly, so that you feel at home in the building and part of the worshipping community.  We will be delighted to have you amongst us to share in the life of the parish and we promise to pray for you as you prepare for your wedding and in subsequent years.

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