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Caring for God's Creation

The 5th Anglican Mark of Mission is: ‘To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth’.


God has given us this wonderful world but we, as humans, are not taking enough care of it. It is our Christian duty to look after God's creation in the same way that we care for one another.

The Church of England has committed the Church to attain net carbon zero in our activities by 2030.

Southwark Diocese has committed to achieving Bronze Eco-Diocese status by 2025.


What we are doing

We seek to care for God’s world in our worship and teaching; in how we look after our buildings and land; in how we engage with our local community, and in our personal lifestyles. Through prayer and action we aim to make a change.


We are working towards a bronze Eco Church award.  This is scheme lead by A Rocha for churches throughout the UK who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth.


Our Worship and Teaching

We are committed to

  • Celebrating God’s creation in our hymns and songs.

  • Raising awareness of environmental issues in our prayers and teaching. 

  • Holding special climate justice Sundays during the year to focus on our commitment to caring for the world. 


In Our Lives

We are committed to

  • Walk or cycle when possible as opposed to using transport.

  • Recycle and reuse.

  • Reduce our household waste.

  • Pray for climate justice. 

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Our Building

We are committed to

  • Measuring and setting targets to reduce the carbon footprint of our church premises.

  • Installing renewable sources of energy where possible and using environmentally friendly products.

  • Reducing waste, recycling, reusing where possible.

  • Encouraging our congregation and the community using St Luke’s to get on board with us in this mission.


In Our Community

We are committed to

  • Organise events with environmentalists to learn more about climate issues. 

  • Link up with environmental networks to promote learning and stay connected. 

  • Work with other churches in Richmond to share our Eco vision and mission. 

  • Support and participate in local conservation work. 


Our Church Garden

We are committed to

  • Encouraging native wildlife to live in our garden.

  • Arranging events to allow people to learn about the importance of biodiversity and to spend time in nature.

  • Take steps to protect native wildlife from harm.

We would love to hear your ideas and views.
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